VIP GSM sim card is a unique solution on the telecommunication services market. As a comprehensive product it solves the problems of security and anonymity of GSM cell phone calls.

VIP GSM sim card successfully operates with all the models of cell phones.


Principal technical characteristics:

Caller ID Substitution.

Replace your existing phone number with any one while making cell phone calls.

Voice changer.

This function allows changing the tone of ones voice. Now the user of a cellular network cannot be identified by his/hers phonetic features.

Virtual phone number.

You can simply add one or more virtual phone numbers in order to receive incoming calls.

Secret Location.

Our anonymous PBX servers are varying after each phone call. The mobile connection is built on “2-shoulders” principle that allows us to modify IMSI and MSISDN of our sim cards.

Anti wiretap function.

VIP GSM sim card refuses and opposes all secret USSD commands.